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The team at Laufshop Leder in Frankfurt is dedicated to serving you with competence and experience, focused on your sport. Whether you are a triathlete or focus on one of its disciplines; swimming, cycling or running, we are your right partner.

Our team of experienced athletes provides you with individual advice and offers you the ideal equipment to fit your needs. All of our products are chosen with care.

First and foremost we strive to offer you the best customer service. No matter whether you are just starting out with your first triathlon or race or if you are at a more advanced level.

Professional advice

Provide you with the best service is our first priority! We understand the individual demand for performance and comfort and help you to find the appropriate equipment. With us, you will find your right running shoe, wet suit or functional apparel.
We are not just here to serve you cutting-edge equipment, but also to give advice on the correct sitting position on your bike as well as tips on nutrition, your everyday training and injury repair and prevention. You can request to arrange an appointment with our physiotherapist at our store.
We`ll get you laced up with the running shoe that really suits you. To begin with, we will analyse your musculoskeletal system to determine which shoe is best for you. By looking at how you run we can understand what type of shoe will work. The final assessment is then made in the movement. Either on the treadmill in our shop or on a short test-run outside the shop.

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